Welcome back!🌈

  • Little bit about me. Elder millennial gay bear playing my favorite games on the PC. Making quips and opinions off and on.

  • Games I'm streaming on Twitch

    • Destiny 2 | Dead by Daylight

    • Magic the Gathering Arena | Grand Theft Auto V

    • Among Us | Fall Guys

10/8/20 - Umami_YDZ name change

Trying to have a consistent name on different platforms proved challenging. I've updated the Umami Tsunami tags to Umami_YDZ

9/28/20 - new BTS!

I love BTS, and their new album comes out November 20th. Very excited.

Fucking register and fucking vote. This election is too important for the racist cheeto to turn America into a worse shit hole.

I'll be streaming over the course of the week. Been working on a calendar and a routine for it. Thanks for the support and see you on the stream.

8/28/20 - Scheduling more content

Welcome back all! Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch are all rolled now. The schedule will be posted shortly on Twitch and will have a Calendar link here as well. Highlight videos will start being posted into the feed.

Umami Farewells.

8/18/20 - New Site - getting things setup

Welcome back. This is the new hub for my Twitch channel, Umami_YDZ. In the next couple days, I'll be getting Twitter setup. My twitch schedule will be shared here, updates, and the site will continue to grow as more content is produced. Follow me on Twitch!

Umami Farewells.